Which Pavers Are Best For a Driveway?

It seems like it’s no longer enough to have asphalt or poured concrete driveway as in the old days. So many more options for driveway paving have become available, and many homeowners have moved away from paving with either concrete or asphalt for their driveways. It’s just not the ‘in’ look anymore! Pavers are the current trend when it comes to paving driveways, but the sheer variety of types and styles can be pretty stupefying. Just getting started is intimidating for some. In this article, we’ll cover some of the basics about choosing the best paver for your driveway. Hopefully, it’ll help you on your way of making your dream driveway a conceivable reality!

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What Kind of Paver?

The first choice to make when thinking about a new paver driveway is which type of paver you want to use. There is a lot of variety in this area, and all choices have their specific pros and cons. The major players in the driveway paving game fall into many categories: brick, concrete, and bluestone are some popular ones. Of course, some of these choices will be easily eliminated after asking yourself a few basic questions about what you want in a driveway.

What function do you want your driveway to providing? Is it primarily for curb appeal, or do you want to get some serious work out of it? Do you require a paver with good drainage for a property that tends to flood? Which paver will last the longest? How much maintenance are you prepared to do? Here’s a big one – how does this paver fit into your budget?

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Paver Types and Attributes

Brick: Brick pavers look great and there are many ways to style them. Bricks are good for the environment too! Just know that brick is pretty susceptible to being worn and damaged. I think all of us have seen a ‘has been’ brick patio in someone’s yard – note the consistent theme of toppled half bricks strewn across the property. Jokes aside, brick pavers, while beautiful, require lots of maintenance and are expensive to install.

Concrete: Concrete pavers are much easier to install than brick, and they’re also quite good-looking in most situations. Concrete pavers can fade, and they’re quite susceptible to cracking due to ground shifting and temperature changes. Concrete pavers can be more on the expensive side, and they require consistent maintenance.

Bluestone: If you’ve seen bluestone pavers in action before, you’ve surely admired their signature blue color that so many homeowners find attractive. Authentic bluestone pavers are very beautiful and expensive, being naturally sourced. It is extremely easy to purchase fake bluestone pavers, and it’s up to you to decide whether doing so will be an accident or not. Price tag and all, a driveway made of bluestone pavers is worth the plunge in both cost and durability.

There are many types of pavers that are suited for driveway installation like the paving company in Fort Worth, TX – make sure to put thought into your decision!

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