Do Pavers Add Value To A Home?

The value of convenience is one the amazing values that pavers provide for your home. Imagine it like this. You are walking back to the home with heavy bags, you trip on the gravel or dirt path, drop your groceries and cry. Okay, a bit dramatic, I know, but it’s true that you could trip. A great way to avoid this is by getting some pavers. The value of convenience is important.

Aren’t you tired of looking at your neighbors property and seeing their amazing pavers? Your yard is looking crusty and dusty, so add some pavers! Pavers add the value of aesthetic to your life. There is nothing quite like coming home to a beautiful place. With a new and pretty paved walkway or driveway, you will just breathe a sigh of wonder everytime you come home. That is, until you get used to it and you don’t really care anymore.

That’s okay though. While you might not look so closely at your pavers anymore, they are just sitting there waiting to add value when you sell your home. Asphalt Pavers add great monetary value and of course, the bigger the investment the bigger the reward. If you take good care of your pavers, you can be sure to get a couple of extra dollars on sale day. My suggestion would be, don’t wait a long time to repair your pavers. The longer you wait, the bigger the problem. Then you will end up with a big bill on your hands when you could have spent less if you had just repaired your pavers a bit earlier.

Paver Types and Styles

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Brick pavers are a popular paver type. Perhaps because that red color just attracts the eyes. It would make a great walkway. That red pop of color will certainly add some interest to your yard. Brick pavers are a great investment into your property and if you want the durability of brick pavers but not the color, you can always get a more neutral brick paver.

Cobblestone. The most expensive paver type, running you about $10 to $20 per square foot, and one of the most durable. It isn’t likely that you are going to need to repair this paver type, but if you do, it will certainly be a rare expense. These pavers last for 100 years and if you keep them in good shape, you will certainly get a big boost in your final sale price.

Concrete is a great paver type to get for your home if you are looking for a simple  Driveway Paver Installation and you aren’t looking to spend a ton of money. You can also get poured concrete which is cheaper than even concrete pavers. There are a lot of different shapes that you can get your concrete pavers made into like octagons, squares, hexagons, etc. Remember that a bigger paver is going to give the illusion of a smaller space while a smaller paver is going to give the illusion of a bigger space.


Asphalt is a great addition to your home if you want a simple, inexpensive, and durable addition to your home. Asphalt gets tougher the older it is, so the more recycled you asphalt is, the better. Asphalt is also good at melting snow faster than any other paver type so if you live in a place with snow, you are good to go.


Is it Cheaper to Lay Concrete or Pavers?

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Concrete is cheaper to lay at the beginning, but it eventually ends up costing you more. This is because of the nature of poured concrete. It is just one big slab. Unlike pavers, you don’t just have to replace a few loose pavers, you have to fix a big crack in a big slab of concrete. It isn’t likely that you are going to call the repair company as soon as a small crack appears in the concrete and because of that, by the time you do call the repair company the problem has grown. This problem is going to need to be paid for and depending on how long you waited to repair the issue, that is going to determine the price. Poured concrete also gets damaged a lot easier than pavers.

Pavers cost more, but they are an important addition to your home because of the value that they add. Not only monetarily, but also convenience, aesthetic, etc. They cost more because there are a lot more steps that go into laying pavers than in pouring concrete. Pavers are going to cost you more upfront but they are worth the extra cost because they are not going to cost you as much in repairs as poured concrete would. Paver, although more expensive, is definitely better because of the convenience that they add to your life. If you go as far as to get a cobblestone paver installation  then you really have nothing to worry about because these pavers don’t need to be repaired that often.

Poured concrete and a paver installation are both good options for your home. In fact, you can just get both. A paver installation for your walkway and poured concrete for your driveway. With both of these for your home, you will have a beautiful and very functional home!

Why You Should Pave Your Driveway.

Paving your driveway will save you a lot of trouble and probably a twisted ankle or two. Paving your driveway will give you such ease. Imagine the difference between driving up on dirty, dusty gravel and driving up on some nice, smooth pavers. Your car will thank you, your feet will thank you every time you get out of the car, and your eyes will thank you because you now have something much better to look at when you drive up to your home everyday. Getting a good paving company to come by your home and pave your driveway is going to be a decision that you certainly don’t regret.