Which is Cheaper: Concrete or Pavers?

Wondering about the difference between pavers and concrete? In this article, we’ll give you a rundown on the major differences between the two, including the price of installation. Both materials could potentially be a great choice for integrating a new patio, driveway, walkway, or other outdoor living space to your home. Pavers and concrete are both popular paving materials, so it’s useful to have a good idea of what you’re getting into before it’s time to make the decision.

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Many homeowners are concerned about the continued maintenance involved when installing an outdoor living space. As time goes on, making the right decision in this matter proves even more crucial. As for concrete, maintenance is relatively low and simple. Weeds can grow in between slabs, so the fewer slabs you have, the better when it comes to weed picking. However, cracks and stains can develop when concrete is involved. You can power wash for the stains and attempt to patch cracks, but it’s pretty much inevitable that your concrete will develop eyesores as it ages. Sealing your concrete can help to prevent major issues, but know that this type of aging is an attribute of concrete that’s hard to avoid.

Pavers, in comparison, are not as prone to cracking as their concrete counterparts. Ground movement and changes in temperature are also less effective on pavers than concrete. Both temperature change and ground movement can cause irreparable and unsightly cracks in a concrete slab, while you can remove and replace individual pavers as necessary. Due to the pavers being individual, there are many joints involved, and many places for weeds to grow Regular weed picking or the application of weed killer is recommended.

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A large takeaway from paving with concrete is that it is very susceptible to various environmental factors. In addition to this, once the concrete is damaged it is often impossible to mend it back to its initial state. Shifting and cracking slabs can mean a lot of headaches down the road, especially when you find yourself unable to do anything but demolish and start over again.

On the other hand, pavers are designed with ground movement and temperature fluctuations in mind. The joints in between pavers help with water damage, and you can often procure pavers that come with a lifetime guarantee! Things in life are rarely free without a hitch, so these offerings are a testament to pavers’ durability and strength! Also, many homeowners are more than capable of handling minor, individual paver repair operations on their own. This could mean reduced repair costs down the line.


Concrete is much less labor-intensive to install than pavers. There are more complex steps when installing pavers, and more attention must be paid when setting the stones. Considering this along with what we’ve covered already and it’s now easy to understand why pavers cost more to install than concrete. Installing concrete will run you an average of $7 -$10 per sq. ft. , while pavers will run you $9 – $14 per sq. ft. Note that the type of paver you choose can greatly increase the given average! While pavers do cost more upfront than concrete, their durability and aesthetic appeal mean less cost over time and better resale value for homeowners. If you made up your mind in choosing the best and affordable paving contractors, the paving company in Fort Worth, TX is for you.

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