What Type of Pavers Should I Get for My Driveway?

How to Choose a Type of Pavers

Planning a new patio or driveway can be an exciting new addition to any home. Any look that you’re imagining can be achieved as long as you learn a bit about which paver suits your property best. There are so many different hardscaping materials on the market – there’s surely one out there that will help you toward achieving your exterior design goals. Pavers shouldn’t only be chosen based on their look though. The size, shape and inherent qualities of the paver should be considered before the installation process begins. Some pavers are easier to maintain, while others hold up better to the wear of weather. There’s no need for you to sacrifice in terms of quality as there are just so many different options for you to choose from. Reading to dive into the world of pavers Fort Worth? Here is an overview of some common paver choices you should consider.

Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers are durable and there are a variety of ways that they can be installed. Concrete is a relatively inexpensive paving material when compared to some of the others on the market. Any size or space that you’re dealing with can be accommodated by concrete, as the material is poured to fit any mold. Basic concrete is an everyday material however, so the effect can be pretty minimal from a design sense. It is in no way considered a high-end material, so it probably won’t impress buyers to any large degree. Concrete may not be a good hardscaping choice if you live in a colder climate. When it gets to be below freezing, concrete can crack and develop a white residue that must be power washed away. Concrete with different textures and hues are available, but they should be resurfaced every few years in order to keep them vibrant.

Natural Stone Pavers

Natural stone is a popular choice for hardscaping patios, especially from a design perspective. There are just so many different shapes and textures that can be achieved with natural stone, it’s an exterior designer’s playground. Materials that fall into this category are slate, limestone, sandstone, and granite. These materials have an earthy feel that lends well to many other outdoor design aspects. It’s very easy to create a flowing, comfortable space when you use natural stone as the base. Natural stone is not an inexpensive option; it should be noted. These stones must be quarried, selected and cut to size, meaning lots of labor and lots of dollars to compensate. In order for these stones to live up to their expected beauty it is highly suggested that they are installed professionally. If you are hardscaping around a pool you may want to pass on natural stone pavers in Fort Worth, as they can get very slippery and become a serious hazard.

Brick Pavers

Brick is a very versatile paver material that can take on many different looks depending on the application. It really will depend on the color and finish that you wind up going for. There are quite a few classic patterns that can be achieved with brick such as herringbone, circular, basket weave – as well as many others. A brick patio that’s been installed professionally can add a very sophisticated feel to your property. Of course, bricks are bricks at the end of the day. There are only so many colors and textures that can be achieved with this material. Unless you really have a liking toward varying shades of red, maybe another material is better for your goals. When taking on a brick hardscaping project having extra bricks lying around is a good idea. Bricks can easily crack and chip during the installation process, so a few extras certainly wouldn’t hurt. Be warned that brick can become rather bumpy and uneven over time. This can happen due to erosion and water damage. You can avoid this by prepping the area properly and resolving any drainage issues sooner rather than later. No one wants a lumpy brick patio. It’s not pleasing to the eye, and it can also be a serious trip hazard. Be sure to maintain your brick pavers by cleaning them and sealing them every few years.

Those are just a few of the paver choices common to Fort Worth hardscaping that may have a place on your property. Really, then choice of paver is up to you, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to choose a paver that first your climate and individual circumstances, as well as your design taste.