Should I Seal My Pavers?

Why You Should Seal Your Pavers

Your pavers play a big role in the overall aesthetic of your home. A lot of times pavers are intended for use in a driveway. Under the weight and force of a vehicle, your pavers could have a tough time of it after a while. If you don’t seal your pavers you risk grass and dirt accumulating around your pavers. You also leave your pavers unprotected against stains from oils and other liquids. Once they happen these stains are nearly impossible to remove. Often, you’ll find yourself needing brand new pavers, an expense that could’ve been avoided if you had your pavers properly sealed. 

Some people say that sealing pavers is unnecessary, but listen to us: sealing your pavers is a worthwhile way to protect your paver investment. It’s better to be safe than sorry – apply the sealant and you’ll know for sure that your pavers are protected. Pavers require proper maintenance in order to keep them looking well for a long time to come. Below are some more reasons why sealing your pavers in Fort Worth is a worthwhile investment. 

Unsealed Pavers Must Be Cleaned More Often

Failing to seal your pavers from the start can become a big headache as time goes on. Pavers will need to be cleaned more often as they will attract dirt and grime more easily. These pavers can develop unsightly stains and blotches, which can be difficult to get rid of. In situations like these, you’ll need to find a professional paver cleaning company to do the job for you. The money you spend in this capacity could have been saved if you had just sealed your pavers, to begin with. 

Sealed Pavers Can Help Proper Drainage

Pavers are porous materials. If they aren’t sealed properly pavers will collect and trap water over time. This can eventually hurt the integrity of your pavers.  A sealant will harden your pavers, allowing water to run-off and empty into the drainage as it’s supposed to. The protective surface that will form over the top of your pavers will resist water damage.

Sealing Protects Pavers from Foreign Objects

Sometimes foreign objects and substances will come in contact with your pavers. Oil, other liquids and leaves are some of the most common foreign materials that can have a negative effect on your pavers over time. A sealant will give your pavers an invisible protective covering that can protect it from these things. Sealing your pavers in Fort Worth will protect them from being damaged easily and keep them from wearing out prematurely.

Vegetation Can Grow Along the Gaps of Unsealed Pavers

Pavers that do not have proper drainage encourage water to collect between the gaps of the pavers, near the joints and in the pavers themselves. The presence of water further encourages grass and other vegetation to grow, making your pavers unsightly. This drastic detriment to the appearance of your pavers is not easily fixed – often the only way to restore your pavers to their former integrity is by replacing them altogether. When you introduce sealant to your pavers, it hardens the sand surrounding your pavers, making it hard for vegetation to grow. 

Sealing Pavers Prevents Water damage

Your pavers are underneath the rain and sun 24/7. Without being sealed, it won’t be long before your pavers start to show signs of wear and damage. Your pavers are stressed by the changes of weather, and this stress is further worsened if you have a vehicle being supported by your pavers as well. Sealing your pavers helps them to stay viable longer even in conditions of continuous rainfall. The lifespan of your pavers will be increased overall thanks to a proper sealant.

A Sealant Can Enhance the Color and Life Span of Pavers

Over time, unsealed pavers can start to look dull, brown and chalky. Those certainly aren’t buzzwords of marvelous curb appeal. Sealed pavers will look glossy and attractive. They will also retain their color better. The sealant will form a protective layer on top of the pavers, creating a shield against the harsh sun and pounding rain. This allows your pavers to contribute positively to your curb appeal, giving your home a better overall aesthetic.

There are so many reasons why sealing your pavers in Fort Worth is a better idea than leaving those poor stones to fend for themselves. If you were unsure before, now you know that sealing pavers extends their lifespan and improves their appeal. Have your pavers sealed today and protect your paver investment!