How Much Does It Cost To Install Pavers?

When it comes to installing a patio at home, there certainly is no lack of choices for you to make! Adding a patio to your home is a no brainer in our opinion. Just envision the added possibilities of outdoor entertaining and fun when a patio comes into play. A patio that’s not properly constructed, or lack of a patio at all, can really put a damper on the summer fun. If you’re contemplating making a paver addition to your home, choose a patio! Overall, patios will vary pretty largely in price, depending on the material that you decide to use.

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A professionally installed patio like the work of the paving contractors in Fort Worth, TX adds both aesthetic beauty and usable function to your home’s exterior. This, in turn, increases the value of your home. Once you have your vision in place, a paving professional will be an indispensable factor when deciding how to execute your patio in regard to materials, size, design, and location. There are four common materials used when installing patios for homeowners: concrete, gravel, flagstone, and of course, Pavers. No two materials are alike so it’s good to have a basic idea of what each material will contribute toward the function and price of your new patio.

Before you get carried away, establish the budget for your project. It’s incredibly easy to go over budget with outdoor renovations, and patio installation is not exempt from this trend. Many homeowners have no clue about how much everything should cost in a patio installation. Relying on recommendations and the knowledge of a pro can help greatly in this instance. Test your contractor by peppering them with questions about the installation process. Don’t be shy – you’re the one who has to live with this patio for years and years to come; not them. An improperly installed patio can sprout weeds, shift, and even sink into the ground. The most important part of patio installation is the base and drainage prep. If this isn’t done well, it’s not even worth continuing.

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Consider the type of soil that you have when moving into a patio install. Shifting Texas soil is a no-no when it comes to paver patios. Your pavers will be slipping all over the place! Alternatively, flagstone is a better choice for shifting soil as it neither cracks nor requires interlocking. It’s hard to give an exact average on patio paver installation, as many different factors play into the final price. Generally, you can expect anywhere from $1000 – $3000, not including demolition costs.

Here are some tips on the maintenance of various patio paving materials! Flagstone patios will need to be sealed every two or three years. Look out for mortar coming up out of the joints – this can happen after ten years or so. Paver patios should be touched up in the joints every two or three years, and sealing just as often can help to maintain their color. When concrete patios crack, they can’t be repaired, so be sure to seal this cost-effective material every two or three years! 

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